Performing Quality is our only Marketing Strategy

We believe in creating an atmosphere where consistency and collaboration go hand in hand. Targets are achieved at best when every individual can cherish the process involved in them. Growth is not an accident nor can it be achieved by one person. Growth is the outcome of collaborative and progressive steps.

Work - Quality, but How?

It's our everyday ideas, implementation practices and the ability to mitigate small and big issues that make any organization rock on the global map.

One For All, All For One
Our opinion might not be the same, but our vision definitely is on the same page. We respect and value the critical opinions of everyone so that we can cater for the best of them.
We are in this together
The oneness of the Qualimatrix makes us unique and helps us achieve our goals despite any hurdles. When we stand together, nothing can stop Us.
No Compromise with Ethics
We foster honesty and forthrightness that align us to the highest ethics, essential for upholding reputation.
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Sakshi Gokhru
Vikram Mishra
Anju Rani
Garima Mourya
Hrishi Raj Malviya
jamuna Rani
Meghashree Bhat
Accept or not; the employees make every organization reach the zenith of success.
Talented and Intelligent minds are the toughest to be managed, but not when you are a patient person and a good listener you can sustain the balance. People perform with excellence when they feel motivated at their Workplace, As an Hr I try my best to make this work an abode of Growth and satisfaction for everyone.
Sakshi Gokhru
HR Head

Serving Quality is our only branding Strategy

We are technocrats who love making technology easier and more friendly for all of Us.


We are Family

We do not hesitate to lend a helping hand to our community, workers, and staff. Victory gets massive when it carves a smile on each one of us.


We practice 3R policy

Any step that adds to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, we believe in practicing that so carbon footprint can be reduced.


We are 70% Women

Menstrual leaves, Maternity leaves, Health benefits, and Remote culture, we practice everything to empower our future Women leaders.


We Have the best labour policies

Best leave and health policies to ensure the good health of our employees and their family.


We exist because of you

Quality is not just in our name, but it's our motto as well. Improvising and scaling up your business is what we are here for.


We Owe our Process

We don't Excuse you; we commit and deliver authenticity without Fail. When Quality is the Question, we are the answer.