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Tailor-made QA Services and Cyber Security Assistance for B2B, SaaS and Every other Industry in Every Vertical. Are you Ready to add EXTRA to the Ordinary.

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    Impeccable combination of Creativity, Technology and Intelligence making navigation more seamless.
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    mOBILE aPP

    Convert bombastic ideas into an existing digital reality.
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    qa services

    Target Oriented QA testing practices that align with business trends and Quality Assurance.
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    Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats with Comprehensive Cybersecurity Testing.
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    Web App

    Web development that makes your website seamless and interactive.
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    our extensive expertise in CRM testing, assists you achieve a smooth CRM implementation.

Quality Exclusive 'Featured Services' for the AI-powered Digital Age

Leverage the power of security and QA with 10+ year experienced tech professionals.

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Safeguarding your data through advanced cyber encryption and proactive threat analysis.

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Compatibility Testing

A testing service that will make your software more competent.

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Regression Testing

Regression testing is continuous testing practiced to maintain the performance consistency.

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Game Testing

Ensure Your Games Deliver an Outstanding Experience with Game Testing Services from Qualimatrix's Game Testing Services.

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Automation Testing

Utilize the Most Recent Tools and Methodologies to Simplify Your Testing Process.

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Manual Testing

We provide a wide variety of manual testing services with years of experience in software testing.

Experience is Essential!

Read What Our Clients: Voices of Trust Say!

Niket Shrivastava
Niket Shrivastava
Prep Monkey
Found the perfect QA company. Attention to detail and commitment to client satisfaction is unparalleled. Will use their services again.
Keval Mehta
Keval Mehta
Amazed by the professionalism and expertise displayed by Qualimatrix. Went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. Earned a client who will recommend them.
Khetanl Mehta
Khetanl Mehta
Connected with Qualimatrix. The team is extremely professional and qualified. Product is of excellent quality. Couldn’t be happier with my decision.
Mohit Goswami
Mohit Goswami
Working with Qualimatrix for the past two years. Helped programmers speed up and improve the process. QAs are extremely professional and helpful.
Jessica N
Jessica N
Amazing experience with Qualimatrix! Top-notch QA services. Exceeded expectations. Positive attitude even after multiple change requests. Delivers with high stability.
Floyd Miles
Floyd Miles
Identified potential issues and provided clear, actionable reports. Made it easy for our development team to address bugs. Collaboration with our developers was seamless.
Floyd Miles
Floyd Miles
Project completed on schedule. Qualimatrix was always responsive to our inquiries and concerns. Professionalism and adherence to timelines were impressive.

Lets talk Technology!

Stay ahead in the constantly evolving world of Technology with our cutting-edge tools and technologies. Tech-It-Easy!

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